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We're WildACT

‘It’s time to get wild’





Become a Wild Guardian today

 & safeguard wild habitats for native wild species 


 Act now - Act for the Wild

Saving Iberian species and rewilding the Algarve




















Sponsor a 'Patch of Wild'


Just £20 a year to safeguard a 10mPatch of Wild 




Sponsor a 1000mfor just £250 a Year!


Each 10 m2 safeguards: 

Habitat and food for 1 rabbit for half a day. 1 rabbit provides food for 1 lynx for one day.


'There's an average of 400 million insects per acre of land' 



£5,000 a Year will safeguard a hectare (10,000m2) of wilderness and wildlife. 


This hectare of land provides: a home and food for:

One wild horse, 2 wild goats, 10 wild rabbits, a family of  otters, vultures, reptiles,  horseshoe bats, wild boar, wild cats & millions of invertebrates, retiles and amphibians.


Animal populations have declined 70% in 50 years. Much of this decline is due to habitat loss.


The time to ACT is now!


Join the action and help restore habitats today.

                  Is a 210 hectare site in the Algarve. Since 2001 the land has been left to regenerate, with the help of some native tree planting and habitat restoration. We plan to use native grazing animals, including the endangered Sorraia horse, as drivers of habitat creation,  restoration of the natural tributary of the Guadiana river, to help restoration the natural wildlife and biodiversity to the area and beyond.

The longterm vision is to expand this area into surrounding disused and arid farmland, to regenerate the whole area, creating a wilder Algarve and protect native species.

Breed and release programs for the European rabbit and the red-legged partridge will provide food for the reintroduced Iberian Lynx, already seen close to the area. Vulture feeding and nesting sites will increase visitation and residency of vulnerable  vulture species; Griffon and Cinereous vultures. 

Many important Iberian species are already found on the site, such as Iberian lynx and European otter, furthering the need to protect this area.

Nature tourism is more popular than ever and rewilding offers an answer to so many environmental issues; biodiversity loss, species extinctions and climate change, not to mention the physical and mental wellbeing that comes from immersion in pure nature.


Help us to protect native species and habitats but becoming a Wild Guardian today. 

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Donate now and help us to take action

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