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@2016 site created by the Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park. 


We take sustainability seriously at the AWCP and are always striving to reduce the impact we have on our environment. From reducing and eliminating Palm Oil from our supply chain, following the 3 R's and encouraging our visitors to do the same. We set up our 'Habits for Habitats' campaign in 2019 to encourage people to switch their habits to help the environment, habitats and species all over the world. Click HERE to find out more!

We now only use sustainable, compostable cups, cutlery and plates at our events and all our events only serve food that is meat and dairy-free to reduce our impact on the environment.

We have a drinking water fountain installed (with added water filter) for visitors and staff to re-fill their re-usable bottles. We are now also selling aluminium AWCP drinking bottles on-site for just £4.

To help our customers to be even more sustainable we also have our attractive FOAWP Tote bags on sale for a mere £3!!