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WILD Action Challenge

Every day you have the chance to use your 'WILD habits' to make a difference for animal habitats and the planet.

Log your daily WILD habits and unlock rewards along the way!


By adopting 'wilder' habits we can all take action, each and every day

Don't panic about Climate Change and habitat loss, take ACTION instead.

You can start by making small changes every day.

Forest Road

Help us to meet our goal of 10,000  wild habits for the planet by the end of 2022!


Click here to take action!

Habits are small actions we can all take to help climate change and habitat destruction


  • Switch off lights

  • Eat less meat

  • Walk to school 

... it may not seem much, but if we do these often, it can make a world of difference

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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